Integrative Therapy

A Path to Self-Awareness and Consistent Self-Care

My integrative approach strives to provide the best tailored session for your unique needs and timeline. I offer 45-minute online sessions aiming to create a safe space for you to gain awareness and learn how to function better.

MY approach

Discover Integrative Therapy

Integrative therapy is a holistic approach to mental health that combines various therapeutic techniques to help individuals better understand and manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
The integrative therapy approach takes you on a journey of self-discovery and growth, helping you to achieve lasting change and find a consistent balance in your mental health, even after therapy.

THE First Step

Developing Self-Awareness

It begins with developing self-awareness. This means gaining an understanding of the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that contribute to any mental health issues or imbalances.

By reconnecting the mind and soul, we can identify the underlying factors that are fueling the dysfunction and begin the process of desired change.


Challenge the dysfunctionning

Once aware of the actual dysfunctioning and what is feeding it, comes the time of implementing change. Which means challenging the conditioning settled through scaled steps : exercises on how to deal differently with thoughts, manage emotions and readjust behaviors.


the new Balance through Daily Self-Care

Find concrete support in your daily life to resource and regenerate yourself, and maintain a balanced self-care. Embrace activities such as sport, art, journaling and way more. What only matters is that you have available in your daily life activities that make you feel good.

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Patient's testimonials

After having a bad experience with another therapist, I went to Dina and was finally happy to meet someone I could connect with. She is very patient and willing to listen to every little detail one would like to share. She understood me and my issues very well, even though I belonged to a different culture and gave me excellent guidance. Overall, she was one of my greatest support during a difficult phase of my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a therapist.



I started therapy sessions with Mrs. Kassab during a very stressful and difficult period of my life. Our exchanges were very helpful and very professional. Ms. Kassab listened to each word I had to say, she was very patient and gave me time to express myself fully. I felt better and lighter after each session. She helped me overcome my stress and anxiety and the physical sensations that accompany them with the use of some reflection and breathing techniques. I am very happy I chose to have sessions with her and very grateful for her help.



Dina est à l'écoute sans jugement et m'aide à m'orienter vers des pistes de réflexion ou actions intéressantes. Je me sens vraiment à l'aise en consultation avec elle. Je peux enfin extérioriser ce que je ressens librement avec quelqu'un de neutre et professionnel. Dina est douce et très humaine.Je vous la recommande vivement.



Avec Dina tout est différent. Je me sens écoutée et surtout considérée. Aussi, elle s'adapte à mes besoins du moment, lorsque la situation le nécessite. Elle n'est ni magicienne ni une super-heroïne mais elle a réussi plusieurs fois à rendre surmontable des situations qui me paraissaient insurmontables.



Mme Kassab est très sympathique et compétente. Elle a un background multi-culturel, et parle plusieurs langues, ce qui m'a facilité l'échange (quand je suis émotionnelle je n'arrive pas à m'exprimer en une seule langue). Elle ne m'a jamais donné l'impression d'être jugée (j'ai eu une mauvaise expérience avant elle). Elle m'a aidé à comprendre mes émotions, chose qui me bloquait. Un long trajet à faire et je suis contente de l'avoir trouvé. :)



J’apprécie la bienveillance et la douceur de Dina, ainsi que son approche pragmatique. Nos séances adaptées à mes besoins, me font énormément de bien et me permettent d'avancer. Je souhaite à chacun.e de trouver un.e professionnel.le qui pourra l'aider comme Dina le fait pour moi !