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A therapy that values unicity and humanity

My integrative approach strives to provide the best tailored session for your individual needs and timeline. I offer 45-minute online sessions, aiming to create a safe space for you to gain awareness and become autonomous in your self-care.

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Dina Kassab
Clinical Psychologist

Your world, your paradise


Helping you find your own sense of therapy to maintain your mental health

Dina Kassab Profil Picture
Dina Kassab
Clinical Psychologist

Self-care and therapy are precious

Therapies and self-care can help us explore our thoughts and feelings, gain insight, develop coping strategies, learn new skills, and become mindful of mental health.

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Patient's testimonials

Suffering from anxiety disorders (obsessive-compulsive disorder) for several years and motivated to start a new therapy, I contacted Dina on Doctolib in October 2021. I immediately felt listened to and understood. I appreciate Dina's kindness and gentleness, as well as her pragmatic approach. Our sessions, adapted to my needs, are very helpful and allow me to move forward. I wish everyone to find a professional who can help them as Dina does for me!



Mrs. Kassab is very friendly and competent. She has a multi-cultural background, and speaks several languages, which facilitated the exchange (when I'm emotional I can't express myself in one language). She never gave the impression that she was judging me (I had a bad experience before). She helped me to understand my emotions, something that was blocking me. A long way to go and I'm glad I found her. :)



Before coming to consult Dina Kassab I was a little apprehensive because I had already had several bad experiences with psychiatrists and psychologists who didn't really listen to me, or even judged me, and above all had practices that were a little "old-fashioned". With Dina everything is different. I feel listened to and above all considered. Also, she adapts to my needs of the moment, when the situation requires it. She is neither a magician nor a super-heroine but she has succeeded several times in making situations that seemed insurmountable to me surmountable. There is still work to be done but after a few sessions, I can say that I feel stronger, my anxiety problems have improved, but above all I am much more in tune with my needs and able to set limits for myself, which I was unable to do a few months ago.



I have been consulting Dina Kassab for more than a year now and I can say that I am really satisfied. Our meetings have become for me appointments not to be missed. They bring a bubble of air in my daily life which is not simple at all. Indeed, Dina listens without judgement and helps me to orientate myself towards interesting ways of thinking or acting. I really feel at ease in consultation with her. I can finally express what I feel freely with someone neutral and professional. Dina is gentle and very human. I highly recommend her.



I started therapy sessions with Mrs. Kassab during a very stressful and difficult period of my life. Our exchanges were very helpful and very professional. Ms. Kassab listened to each word I had to say, she was very patient and gave me time to express myself fully.
I felt better and lighter after each session. She helped me overcome my stress and anxiety and the physical sensations that accompany them with the use of some reflection and breathing techniques.
I am very happy I chose to have sessions with her and very grateful for her help.



After having a bad experience with another therapist, I went to Dina and was finally happy to meet someone I could connect with.
She is very patient and willing to listen to every little detail one would like to share. She understood me and my issues very well, even though I belonged to a different culture and gave me excellent guidance.
Overall, she was one of my greatest support during a difficult phase of my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a therapist.




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